3D Scanning Spray: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

3D Scanning Spray: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

Summary. AESUB’s innovative 3D scanning sprays enhance scan quality by optimising even the most complex surfaces. These revolutionary sprays, developed by specialists, matte reflective and transparent surfaces for improved scanning. With easy application and automatic evaporation, AESUB offers a clean and efficient scanning solution.


AESUB is a 3D scanning company that offers the most innovative 3D scanning sprays on the market. The revolutionary formula has been developed by specialists to give scanning technicians the key to incomparable results. By optimising even the most complex surfaces, AESUB scanning sprays are essential for optimum digitisation.

But, how do they work? Over the years, AESUB has mastered a broad range of 3D scanning sprays to enable even further potential for this advanced technology.

What is 3D scanning spray?

3D scanning spray is an evaporating solution that works to matt out reflective and transparent surfaces. In just a few sprays, surfaces are left more visible to a 3D scanner. This ensures much more efficient 3D scanning and complete scan results. Furthermore, all AESUB scanning sprays disappear immediately after use.

You can say goodbye to any unwanted mess. Instead, you are left with an easy-to-apply solvent that creates a thin and easy to capture surface; instantly offering immaculate 3D scan quality.

How do you use scanning spray?

Generally speaking, AESUB scanning sprays all work the same. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Without shaking, gently push down the spray button and with gentle motion, move across the area. Ensure that you are evenly moving back and forth at a distance of 15-20cm. Consistency is key when applying a 3D scanning spray. If sprayed too much, this can impact scan accuracy.
  2. AESUB sprays are initially wet. Once vanished within a few seconds, they leave a semi-permanent coating on the surface. Wait a few minutes before spraying more at this point as you may spray too much.
  3. If your coating remains ‘wet looking’ for longer than a few minutes, you should increase your spraying distance.
  4. Once complete, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up. The coating will automatically sublimate into the air.

This process is dependent on the object you are spraying and scanning. For instance, you may need to scan in sections or use AESUB dots for guidance.

What scanning sprays are available?

A 3D scanning spray allows you to capture even the most intricate of surfaces; including those that are dark and reflective such as a helmet.


AESUB Blue is fantastic at protecting equipment from pigment deposits and it vanishes within 4 hours. It eliminates the transportation of externally matted measurement objects to the sensor. As well as reducing the time taken to clean the environment. It offers a homogeneous spray pattern, zero odour, and medium sublimation time.

AESUB Orange

AESUB Orange, on the other hand, vanishes within 24 hours. This 3D scanning spray is a long-lasting self-volatilising and premium product. It eliminates 3D metrology application problems; especially in extra-sensitive areas such as laboratories. It also protects equipment of pigments.


How do I apply AESUB scanning sprays correctly? To apply AESUB scanning sprays, hold the spray can 15-20cm away from the surface and spray evenly in a gentle motion. The spray initially appears wet but sublimates quickly, leaving a matte coating that enhances scan accuracy.

What types of surfaces benefit most from AESUB scanning sprays? AESUB scanning sprays are ideal for reflective, transparent, and dark surfaces that are typically challenging to scan. They create a uniform matte finish, allowing scanners to capture intricate details more effectively.

How long do AESUB scanning sprays take to evaporate? AESUB Blue scanning spray evaporates within 4 hours, while AESUB Orange takes about 24 hours to sublimate. Both provide a temporary coating that enhances scanning and then disappears without leaving any residue.

What are the main differences between AESUB Blue and AESUB Orange scanning sprays? AESUB Blue offers a medium sublimation time of about 4 hours, making it ideal for quick scanning tasks. AESUB Orange, with a longer sublimation time of 24 hours, is designed for more extended projects and sensitive environments, providing a durable coating that enhances scan quality over a longer period.

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