AESUB Blue Scanning Spray

VANISHING within 4 hours

AESUB blue 3D scanning spray’s innovative formula ensures optimal scanning without leaving any residue, making it the ideal choice for intricate and sensitive projects. Furthermore, its ease of use and no-clean-up feature streamline your workflow, allowing more focus on precision and accuracy. With AESUB blue 3D scanning spray, you can achieve hassle-free scanning that saves time and enhances results, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity in your digitisation process.

AESUB blue is a self-evaporating scanning spray. It eliminates fundamental application problems of 3D measurement technology, especially in sensitive areas (laboratories, production, etc.). AESUB blue spay protects the equipment from pigment deposits.

Elaborate transport of externally matted measurement objects to the sensor as well as the time-consuming cleaning of the measurement environment and the objects after scanning are no longer necessary.

With AESUB blue spray you significantly increase efficiency and productivity in the entire digitisation process, especially for long-term measurement tasks.

  • Self-vanishing scanning spray – No cleaning of object, system and surroundings !
  • Minimal hazard labeling flame only!
  • Free of pigments
  • Easy to use
  • White surface
  • Homogeneous spray pattern
  • Reference points stick on the coating
  • No odor annoyance
  • Medium sublimation time (+/ 60mins).

£331.20£1,209.60 inc. VAT