The Benefits of 3D Scanning with Scanning Spray

The Benefits of 3D Scanning with Scanning Spray

Summary. AESUB Spray UK is the preferred choice for seeing 3D scanning spray benefits. It improves scan quality by matting complex surfaces, even transparent and reflective ones. Ideal for cheaper scanners, AESUB enhances details without residue, and evaporates post-scan. This efficient solution saves time and costs.


One of the many benefits of 3D scanning spray is it’s ability to immediately enhance the quality and clarity of scan results. This refers to the results from both premium scanners, as well as the most affordable options on the market. AESUB Spray is the UK’s first-choice finishing component for 3D scanning applications. It’s an ingenious technology that mattifies even the most complex surfaces, including transparent and reflective.

AESUB Scanning Spray is especially effective when in use with the most inexpensive scanners. All models would benefit greatly from the powerful optimisation that a scanning spray achieves.

Why use 3D scanning spray?

Scanning sprays are proficient in matting surfaces which are difficult to scan. For instance, if an object holds transparency or reflectiveness, sometimes scanning equipment can’t pick up the intricate details. Therefore, AESUB scanning sprays produce a matting surface that allows for full visibility of any surface and then magically evaporates after scanning.

They do this with zero mess, fuss or time wasting. In fact, scanning sprays are efficient and straightforward to use; making them a no-brainer purchase for specialists across the globe.

Why do cheaper 3D scanners benefit from 3D scanning spray?

AESUB 3D scanning spray is used in the UK and nationwide for 3D scanners of all price points. However, it is deemed especially advantageous for models found in the cheaper spectrum.

Matting of Stubborn Surfaces

Previously when it came to high-gloss, reflective or transparent surfaces, pigment sprays were used to colourise the area, allowing for ease of scanning. However, their inability to do so without causing damage meant that there was a gap in the market for such a solution to the problem.

AESUB Scanning Sprays were engineered by scanning experts to enable effective scanning on even the toughest of surfaces. Through their specially developed formulas, they attach to objects without causing any complications or residue. Instead, scanning experts can decipher the finest of details. When it comes to the least premium range of scanners, capturing can be even more problematic, therefore making these 3D scanning accessories essential for the best results.

Efficiency of Scanning

Whether you’re renting or purchasing a 3D scanner, seeking the most affordable options could mean that you’re trying to reduce costs. If so, AESUB spray can ensure that you reduce scanning time and the need for multiple scanning, therefore saving you further money.

Your investment will remain worthwhile. This is due to the fast-paced nature of applying scanning sprays and the instant results that they attain. Using an easy step-by-step guide, you will master the effortlessness of an AESUB scanning spray.

Want to find out more?

Are you looking for AESUB spray in the UK or further afield? Whether you want to buy 3D scanning sprays or simply find out more about their advanced technology, we can help. If you’re a 3D scanner reseller, then becoming a 3D scanner spray reseller will further benefit your company as well as your customers. Additionally, it is a great way to keep in touch with them post sale of the equipment. Simply get in touch via email at One of our helpful team members will answer any questions or queries you may have.

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