3D Scanning Reference Targets: What Are They & How Do They Work?

3D Scanning Reference Targets: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Summary. Dive into the utilisation and benefits of 3D Scanning Reference Targets, outlining how they enhance scanning precision and data repeatability. We provide targets in two versions, designed for different scanner types, and they act as crucial guides during digitalisation, significantly improving scanning accuracy and consistency. The article also underscores the amplified effectiveness when using reference targets alongside our scanning sprays, delivering exceptional clarity and quality in scanning results.


At AESUB, we endeavour to provide our customers with cutting-edge equipment to optimise the 3D scanning experience. So whether you’re looking to buy 3D scanning sprays to ensure that all elements of your application are scannable, or you could benefit from further guidance using our 3D scanning reference targets, we cover all grounds.

We offer two types of reference points suited to both structured light and laser light 3D scanners. Both variations share the same purpose of marking ​​three-dimensional objects during digitalisation. As the leading reference target manufacturer on the market, we have carefully designed our markers to bring convenience and consistency to scanning.

But how much difference do they make?

What are 3D scanning reference targets?

As previously mentioned, our markers serve as guidelines when placed on an object. Many 3D scanners recognise these reference points, enabling their software to determine the exact location of each one. They’re in the form of small circular stickers that use low tack adhesive. These 3D scanning accessories are available in rolls of 3000 or 6000 markers from us here at AESUB.

There are two variations of our 3D scanning reference targets too. The AESUB dots black & white version are specifically suited to structured light scanners. Whereas our AESUB dots retro option is retroreflective, meaning they reflect the lasers to their source. Both act as high-contrast pinpoints to assist scanners in gauging the dimensions of an object.

Why should you use reference targets?

There are many benefits to using reference targets when 3D scanning. Not only do reference targets offer ease of visibility to scanners when identifying the shape and dimensions of objects, but they ensure excellent results too.

Increased Accuracy

In the exact nature of connect-the-dots, markers offer immense precision when scanning small and large objects. As you probably know, 3D scanners have optimised data collection over recent years, allowing users to replicate to the finest detail. And by using 3D scanning reference targets, scanners have even more capability of analysing even the most complex shapes.

Repeatability of Data

Secondly, this level of accuracy can be maintained with even more ease when reference targets are involved. When kept in place, your scanner will be able to re-scan the object to the exact target areas. Therefore, you will be able to gain the same precise data if needed further down the line.

Reference Targets In Conjunction with Scanning Spray

When our 3D scanning reference targets are used alongside AESUB scanning sprays, you are left with matchless quality and clarity in your results. Once you have applied your spray, the dots can be applied to the surface seamlessly. You are then given outstanding direction and lucidity from both products combined.

Get in Touch With Us Today.

Suppose you’d like to learn more about our 3D scanning reference targets and how they can make your scanning experience straightforward and coherent throughout. In that case, our helpful team is always at hand to answer any questions. Either contact us via email at info@aesub.co.uk.

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